Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sumerian and Mt Meru

Every culture has a Mt. Meru or Mt. Olympus equivalent. In the Hindu mythology, Mt. Meru is the abode of Gods, and Mt. Kailash is also the equivalent place of abode for Lord Shiva, whos is the most ancient known God found in India, Europe and Greece (please see my postings on OmPhallos and Shiva).

Sumerian is basically Sumer + ian, where "ian" is the suffix for making an adjective in English. Sumer is basically Sumeru. There is a rule in Sanskrit where when the vowel "u" meets vowel "i", it will become "v + i" and optionally "v" would get dropped. So SuMer is Su + Meru, which means Good or Holy Meru.

The speaker commits the same mistake as most of the Western Scholars do, that they stop their pursuit till Greece, Egypt, and perhaps go till Babylonia and Sumeria. Please see my article on Hammu-rabi, the famous King of Babylonia (also notice the mistake done in identifying the script). To all fairness, the speaker does mentions India's antiquity going up to 10,000 BC and the mention of Vimana Technology. Then the modern Archaeologists only go by material proofs and not literary proofs, specially for the Oriental countries like the China's and India's (world's two most ancient civilizations) but when it comes to things like Atlantis, they make exceptions! Like Tamils have a myth of Lemuria which was lost to the great floods, and now it is being shown that the such a land was there in the Indian Ocean.

The Seven Days of Creation and Great Flood Story, besides the Ten Commandments, found in the Genesis and Sumerian culture is also there in the Hindu Mythology, and if one follows this subject in details (see my references to Anacalypsis), it is acknowledged by some experts that the whole spiritual knowledge of Gnostic, Christians, Babylonians derives from Persia, which derives from India, which at one time were one till they had their first philosophical dispute between 'Only Monotheism' vs. 'Polytheism with Icon Worship But Qualified with Absolute Monotheism'. See William King in "" or "Google Books" and also the posting Similarity between Christ and Krishna.

The speaker does not mention that the Great Pyramids of Americas and Egypt, and along with the Great Temple of Angkor Wat, had mimicked the positions of the stars in the cosmos somewhere in antiquity before the Great Floods, and the dating confirmed with the astrological positions at the particular period, as well as the cosmos were divided among these three civilizations for representation - as if they had an joint understanding and agreement - to undertake the Global project of reflecting the Universal Microcosm in the Earthly Microcosm. (Source NOVA).

The black cuneiform tablets look like "Shiv Lingam" - and not go and read on "Om Phallos".
Also see my postings on Stonehenge, and the number 4320000 being common to Sumerian/Babylonians, Indians, Greece and Nordic Countries. Another article is on Antlantis Antarctica Paataala

The other mistake the speaker does is mention of depicting the Planet "X" as a "Cross", which actually came from a Solar Eclipse seen by Solar Worshipers where the glare looked like the wings, and it was thought that the Sun God was kidnapped by a Bird!

Then there is a mention of the "Tree of Life" which is "Shivlingam", and see my postings on Aum-Sign-In-America and Romania-And-Armenia.html