Thursday, February 28, 2008

The World is in the Word - Meyer, Meir, Meira, Meijer, Meiro, Mero, Mehra, Maira,

Bible says in the beginning there was nothing in the World but only the Word. The same is said in the Indian Genesis where Brahma thought of the World as a Word in his mind and said the word! It was Aum - which is Bible's Amen, both of which means "So be it", "Let it be", "May Your Wish Be Fulfilled", "Go Ahead", and so on. This is mentioned in the Chandogya Upanishad.

Understanding the genesis of words is not that hard if one studies grammar of an ancient language, specially Sanskrit, and would realize that so many words go back to roots and well known rules, allowed with the transition rules imposed by exoteric - non esoteric - nature of common folks in due course of time and space movements - see how the pure Hindi of UP got corrupted by the Western Bombay culture, and how the British English is so different from the American English. I say no one speaks English like the British, and no one speaks Hindi like the UP folks from the central belt!

Every new kid on the block thinks he is the greatest, the most smartest and the most glorified one with many achievements. He or she tends to forget behind his or her success there are eons of efforts gone on for him or her to be there. There is a saying that a 'New Cock Crows More'.

200 to 300 years back, Jesuit Missionary Priests and the Western Historians, on payroll of the Colonial Powers from the West, mainly England, France, Spain and Portugal, were pushing this as fact that the world was just 5000 years old since the Genesis said so in the Bible. But now history is talking about advance Navigation among civilization before the last Ice Age! I shall talk about it sometime.

When Northern, Eastern, Central and Western Europeans were living in the forests, China, India, Persia, Babylonia, Egypt, Palestine, Troy, Greece, Crete, and Italy were very advanced civilizations to various degrees. So it is not surprising, that a new rising nation of nations, advancing science, philosophy, architecture, commerce, trade, education, administration, arts, music and culture, would think that all that they have is their effort. In the daily grind of the struggle, many few have time to wonder about how they have come to the present world stage.

And there has been human migration going on for eons. In Apocalypse, he mentions Jews were the people who were driven out of India, before they reach Babylonia, to venture out as Nomads, and then only to be captured and enslaved by Egyptians, then by Babylonians, and finally by the Romans. In this pursuit, they had waves of migrations till the recent times. First it was outwards and since the 1948 is has been mainly inwards. The people who were driven out were "Palis" or worshipers like "Jains" and "Buddhists", and they were driven out by the Brahmins. The ancient name of Palestine was Palistan. One of the Brahmins Sacred Ceremony is also there among Jews. Did you know that most of the rulers of Babylonia, Syria and Assyria were all Pals! Please see my posting on Hammurabi at

Think this is all far fetched? Now see the last names of Indian, Jew and Western origins.

Meyer - last name of Jews in the West

Meir - German Jews Names

Meira - Portugal Last Name

Meijer - Spanish Last Name as "j" is either "h" or "y".

Meiro - Christian Last Name

Mero - Another last Name.

Mehra - Indian Last Name

Maira - Indian Last Name

Still far fetched? Go and read the names of Indians who have converted to Christians! You will see Hindu names like "swamy", "naryan", and so on. In fact there was a famous Writer "Srivastava" - my last name - who was Pakistani and a Muslim. I was surprised and shocked. Then I recalled that my ancestors were the ministers in Royal courts (like Birbal) and taken to the Mogul ways of living (we were called half Muslims). See how many Punjabi Hindu names would be found among Pakistanis.

People can change their religions but they can not change themselves overnight! And not see the names of First Generation kids of immigrants and how their names get modified by the influence of the adopted country of their parents.

Interestingly, Meru's next vowel grade sound is "Mairu", and there are rules to make a Noun for a Place of Thing to be a Proper Noun, for the persons associated with the Place or the Thing.

One of the common rules is to add "a". So it becomes "Mairu" + "A" and that becomes "Mairva", and the optional rule is "v" can be dropped and it can become "Maira"

So most likely Mairas were the people who were connected with this Mt. Meru legend, and they became also known as Mehras.

Now go and read the posting on Mt. Meru and Sumeria at Did you notice that one of the names was Mero!

If you think this is all far fetched, then do the simple compilations of all syllables, and for the words related here in terms of syllables, see the total individual probabilities, and now bring it people from different sections of regions from where the word has come recently, and make them say the words from the other regions - which I have said are basically the same. You will get your answer.

Still you think this is madness. Please wait, read all the postings in different blogs of mine, and over time you would see their is a pattern of "Finger Prints" left behind. Really, do not go by the color of the skin or appearance, go by the DNA - as modern Science has found it out that were are all related! If you can not believe it, go and find some of the Sindhis and Panjabis, whose parents were in Sindh and Punjab, with typical Fair and European Aryan looks, and migrated to India, spreading out in different parts of the country. Some of their children now look very dark and un-european. Silly, it is the Sun, the Air, the Water, the Food and the Environment that has shaped them! I have seen many such examples.