Monday, February 18, 2008

Isometeric and Anisometric

Please see the posting on Isotropic and Anisotropic. So we know how the sound "iso" (with palatal "s") comes and the sound "metric" comes from Sanskrit "matR", "matara" and "matric" - meaning measurable.

So it means something where "Desired" + "Measurable" attribute. And it also means "God" + "Measurable" attribute. We all know "God" is "Omnipresent", "present in all directions", or "all over 3-D Space". So I would guess some meaning where it means "All directional desired and measurable" attribute.

Now go and see how the word isometric has started with this meaning and changed over time - but still keep the essence of the above attribute.

(1) Iso-metric in Engineering Drawing - projection of 3D to 2D space for getting a view of all dimensions and directions.

(2) Iso-metric in Physical Exercise - use of all muscles in "opposition pairs", which is one of the principles used in Yoga Stretches.

(3) Iso-metric in Music - where there is a "sameness of (measured) rhythm in all parts"

(4) Iso-metric in Crystals - Where unit cell is in the shape of a cube - which is 3D and all equal.

(5) Iso-metric Joystick - that would span equally in all 3-D Directions.

(6) Iso-metry in Mathematical Functions - that would preserve distances in all dimensions.

(7) Iso-metric in Thermodynamics - that would preserve a constant volume.