Monday, November 26, 2007

Quantum Reality

Please also read my postings on Sanskrit World and also on Atom and Atma. So why am I posting videos on Quantum Physics?

Basically in the Vedanta Philosophy, the True Reality or The Brahman is nothing but The All Pervasive Consciousness, the Absolute Summon Bonn um, The First Principle, The Ultimate Sentiment, which encompasses animate and in-animate, sentient and in-sentient, is beyond 4-D Time and Space. And what we see in 4-D Time and Space is nothing but an Illusion - or a Relative Reality, or Maya.

In Shaivism and Tantra, basically the Shiva Principle is Brahman and the Shakti Principle is the Maya Principle or the Pra-Krat-I, e.g. Nature. From Tantra and Shaivism, Buddhism and Yoga Science have borrowed a lot.

So in the Vedanta and the Yoga Philosophy, they say that the Body, Senses, Mind, Memory, Intellect and Ego Principles are part of an Individual Microcosm, which is part of the Universal Macrocosm. So the objective of all Seekers of the Truth, is to transcend the Body, Mind, Memory, Intellect and Ego Principles, and one way is through Meditative Practices.

What I say this is like this: "When one voids the individual self - Sefishness and Ego, the Super Self or Divinity fills in", or "Infinite-ness through Void-ness", which Buddhist people call it Nihilism.

But this is mistaken by many people as denial of the Divine Principle by the Buddhists. But what it means is that instead of chasing Divinity outside self, one should seek Divinity inside by reducing one self to a void - transcend the Body, Senses, Mind, Memory and Intellect Principles and knowing that one is not all that. Buddha realized the weakness of individuals of off loading this responsibility to other outside agencies like Brahmins, Idols, Worship, Sacrifices, and "some one in sky", and so stressed on "Nihilism".

The transactional world is nothing but a relative reality but which can not be ignored. But one should not focus both eyes on this relative reality and get stuck but have at least another eye or third eye focus on the Absolute Reality! Today Physicists admit that the Ultimate Reality is made of 11 or 16 dimensions, depending on whom you hear from!

So from discreetness of Individual Selves, one goes into continuation model of the Absolute Reality - that means we are all interconnected and part and parcel of the same Absolute Divine Reality!

This duality is what one can also see in, "Wave vs Particle Theory", "Mind over Body", "Mind over Matter" - or Divinity exhibiting "Total Mind vs "Total Body". The World of Reality is nothing but self replicating Fractals!

One proof is this experiment in the video. How does the Electron, suppose to be acting like a particle, is found to be acting like a wave - through an indirect observation, but acts like a particle - through a direct observation of a " discreet witnessing agent". So as if the electron becomes aware of the observer, like a child changing his or her behavior, from being naughty to expected behavior, as soon as disciplining parent appears and is perceived by the child! Or as if the observer emanates its presence through a field radiated which electron detects! But this field is not known to us like Electro Magnetic Field or Gravitational Field. Or as if there is a 3rd All Pervading Conscious Entity which interconnects the Observer and the Observant!

Modern Quantum Mechanics now admits that the reality we perceive is nothing but an instantiation of the countless possibilities - wave becoming particle - made possible by our "individual self will power or observation that we want to see! So we can create the world outside by the world we want! This has been substantiated by some studies of Mass Prayers and Positive Thinking exercises.

Video on Electron Behaving first as a Wave and then as Particle:

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