Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Etymology of word Raakesh, Rogue, Rock

A lot of times in the email thread people would write "Raakhesh", and my mind would be spinning with many variations of the word and I would read "RaakShesh". ;-)

Overtime I saw some interesting co-relations.

Hindi/Urdu/Sanskrit Words

raakh - ashes - it is same as in Sanskrit raak-H (visarga), where k and kh are sounds next to each other.

raug - sick

raakSas - demon

rakS - to protect against demons,

rakSas - warlike, demonic like,

raakesh - name of Shiva - raakSa + ish - demon - lord , the one who is smeared in ashes or 'raakh', the destroyer and protector (one destorys one side and protects the other side).

Shiva is the most ancient god of the civilizations of the world, and has prototypes in Europe, Denmark, and feindish variations of wine drinking, meat eating, and sexual revelary go back to Tantrism and Forest Dwelling. Interestingly he is the God of Demons and depicted with Dark Skin - an epithet used the White Aryan influx people, who also adapted him as their Lord. Note the place of Kashi in UP (oldest living city of the World and place of Shiva) and Kashghar - or Kashi-ghad (in Tashuria or Xi-Xiang).


rock - a volcanic ash turns into Rock.

rogue - sick