Saturday, October 28, 2017

Land in Scotland. Ireland and England

For a long time I was wondering the etymology of the English word "land".

In Sanskrit the word "laND" means also toss away or toss around. It also means excrement and speak. In colloquial Hindi it has taken a negative meaning for Male Genitalia, where other meanings are still relevant, like excrement and toss around.

Now I understand the "land" first must have meant the countries that got formed after the sea tossed them away from the main land. No one would call their land as "place of excrement" or "land which speaks" (or unless the sea waves and wind make so much of sounds in a small island). A lot of times a word had polymorphic attributes associated with it.

I had already parsed Ireland as Arya-Land. England I think is uNGl-land as it is finger shaped and I have seen somewhere else this is also mentioned, The spelling may be incorrect. Scotland is "skat-land". I do not know of any other countries having suffix as "land". The Indus Valley Shiva or Pashupati is seen in Ireland and Demark. So "skat" could be "skand", or son of Shiva. Please read Celtic Druids and they are known to be Brahmins from India. This fact is well accepted in academia and DNA and Linguistics also endorse it.

It is already established that Man from Indian continent stepped in to Europe around 40,000 BC.

The Wikipedia says it is connected with Gael or Gathalik. In Spain and France area, there used to be Asthagoths and VIsigoths or asta-gotRa and viShi-gotRa or eiight and twenty'th clans. The Gathalik could be connected with "gotra" or "gatha" or "story tellers by singing".

Japan - or ja = pAN, Crete = kRit and Catilan - kati-l-an or kati-laN(D) are countries named after they got separated from the main land after the last Ice Age and when Great Floods happened. kati-laN(D) agains points to this use of land to show land that was tossed away into sea.