Friday, June 10, 2011

malodorous - mala-udar-uH, peripatetic - parii-paath-ik, civilized - shiv-i-laas-at

mala - bad in English, sanskrit for bad or dirt
odor - smell in English - udder for Belly - udar - Sanskrit for belly
ous - same as "uah" - genetive case

Sanskrit word for malodorous - mala-udar-uH - malodaruH

aH in Sanskrit becomes ar, O, as(dental), aS(cerberal, aS(palatal), sounds. In Greek they are "ous" sounds. Like Sanskrit names would end with "ah" and Greek names would end with "ous".

It is a Sandhi.

Something "of bad smell (from) udder".

peri - around in English, parii - around in Sanskrit
pate - path - Path in English, and Path in Sanskrit
t - sound polishing effect, Sandhi Rules in Sanskrit.
ic - suffix for Adjective in English, "ik" Suffix for Adjective in Sanskrit

Sanskrit word for peripatetic - parii-paath-ic, or parii-paat-t-ic.

Civ - shiv - to be in peace, happiness, harmony.
i - can be thought as connecting vowel, or locative case for shiv, "in shiv"
liz - laas - to be entangled in English, and same in Sanskrit
ed - past participled in English, "at" in Sanskrit (or "t", "it"),

Sanskrit word for civilized - shiv-i-laas-at