Sunday, March 27, 2016

English look and logy vs Sanskrit lok and laukya

Sanskrit "lok" is root for look, e.g. behold, perceive, know, recoginize, behold, see view, notice, etc.

Sanskrit "laukya" is word for World or given Space or Field.

Study or looking at a field is "logy" or a specific Space or "laukya".

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The HUM is AUM - the Cosmic Vibration

Sound of Sun Recorded by NASA

The sound "A" is Un-aspirated Soft.  The sound "Ah" is Aspirated Hard.  The sound "H" is Aspirated Soft.  The vibration of H comes in from Lower Vocal Tracts. 

Like "Sh" becoming "H" and then "A", as seen in the sounds conversion, of S(h)indhu People to Hindu People, and  Somu River to Amu River in Uzbekistan.

In lower resonance, the whole body may be experienced to vibrate.  This is the Food Sheath Vibration. 

In mid resonance, "U" is sounded and it exercises the main portion of Breathing and Vocal system.  This can be symbolized with the Pranayama Body or the Energy Sheath.

In high resonance, "M" is sounded hitting the upper Nasal and Head.  This resonates the Mind and Intellect Body  Each cells in body get stimulated

So using different frequencies, different part of body's are stimulated.  The sum sound is AUM which is nothing but the Hum.

This is the sound also found by NASA to be Sun's Vibration Sound - translated to Hearing Range.