Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bible Adam and Eve - and possible connection with Sanskrit Mythology

I hope people reading this post know their history of Jews who were kicked out from Babylon, which is a PIE Civilization (Genetic, Linguistics and Archealogical Studies back up this Civilization continuity in Space-Time spanning globe and time space of more than 40,000 years) , and in my analysis is a Vedic Aryan Civilization.  There are many pointers to this fact, and if one reads many postings, one would come to the same conclusion.  Notably read on Hammurabi ((S)omu-Ravi) being the Sun-Moon God who first tried to amalgamate the Sun-Worshippers (read on Syria-Assyria Splits) which is realated to the Vedic concept of Asura-Sura Splits.

Adam - Sanskrit: aadim.  In Sanskrit it means the first or most ancient man.
Eve - evaa. In Sanskrit the meaning of the name Evaa (इवा) is "one who gives life".

Ila - the first female born to Manu - is cognate of iva - or eve. "y, l, v" are neighboring semi vowels and we see sometimes they get mixed up.

Bible says in the beginning there was only one language and on religion. Most probably it points to PIE Language, People, Civilization and Religion. I call them Vedic Aryans. Why do they find Swastikas all over the world?