Saturday, August 20, 2011

Noncompoo - Ni - kamma

Noncompoo - Incompetent

Ni-Kamma or Ni-Camma (which gets corrupted as Ni-Comma and then Ni-Compa), means someone who undertakes work in Sanskrit. But in Urdu it means Useless or Incompetent person. Here it is a good example where the word has taken an opposite meaning, a pattern often found and shown here.

Soprano - su+pranaaH, Sonata - su+naataaH

Soprano - su-praanaaH (of or from good praanaah or breath)

A good singer. Who else can have a good singing, besides being naturally gifted with a beautiful voice, trained in music or born with an ear for music, and having a good breadth control.

Sonata - su-naatah (good bow, saluations, acknowledgement, surrender of self ego to someone's superiority of ego).

A poem in praise of someone. The Sanskrit word, Namaste - NamaaH + Te (I bow to you, or I salute you) has the same principle.