Friday, March 27, 2009

Helical, Spherical, hal-i-kal, sph

Helical - hal-i-k-al

Spiral in 2D projected in 3D space. We may not realize this, but according to all Mathematics and Physics, everything moves in Helical Fashion. Yes and Yep. One day, I will share the technical notes.

hal - is the root "to solve", "to pierce" and the words formed by joining "a" the noun form for the word Solution and Plough in Hindi and Sanskrit.

i-joing letter, speciallu used after consonants.

kal - to drive out.

k- suffix for Adjective, like "guN-i-k", which is "attribute-able".

al - suffix for making Abstract Adjective, like "stha-al", which is "station-ary" (BTW, 'sta' in station is connected with "stha").

Spherical - The sign of abundance and divinity.

Have you wondered why all fruits are round?

Why the literature always use metaphors for abundance with the attributes of roundness, firmness, fullness and curvaceousness, and with that of a woman's breast? Sanskrit literature (Kalidaas) and as well English Literature is full of such metaphors (E.M. Foster).

Why many superstitious societies equate a big breast woman with sign of fertility?

It is the maximal volume topology for a minimal surface expended.

sphar - to bulge, to expand, to diffuse, to bend, to open, to discharge

i - joining

kal - to drive out.

We can also add

sphur - quivering, trmemling, throbbing,

spha - to burst, to exapnd.

sph-e-man - fatness, abundance

sph-e-ST - very much abudnant (superlative and note the suffix like "est").

sph-e-as (sph-e-ar) or sph-e-yas (sph-e-yar) - more abundant (comparative with suffic "i-yas" or "i-yar", or "i-as", or "i-ar", which is what English "er" is used for Suffix).

So now we know how "spher" could have also come from the above "sph-e-as" or "sph-e-ar", or "sph-er".

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Adishian - aa-desh-i-yan or a-desh-i-yan

Background Postings

Syria and Asyria - Brahman and Abrahm(an)

Romania and Armenia

Jordan, Petra, and Denudata - JnaarDhan, PitRa, DhenuDatta

Armenia's Sivas City and Indian's Shiva

King Minos of Crete and Manu of Hindus

Sumerian and Mt Meru

Adishian - Armenian Name.

aa-desh-i-yan - One who is loyal to his country, follows the dictat of the motherland.

aa- Preix for "towards"

desh - Place, Country, Land and comes from the root "diKS", to see.

i-yan - Suffix for Adjective/Noun Form like "ness".

a-desh-i-yan - One who is vagabound, has no country or place to stay.

a -Prefix for Negative Article.

desh - Place, Country, Land and comes from the root "diKS", to see.

i-yan - Suffix for Adjective/Noun Form like "ness".

The words like "garim-i-yan", " "nish-karm-i-yan", etc. are other examples.

Most likely the name origins from the Indian Gypsies roaming the European Continent, and Armenia having a history of hosting many Indian Diasporas.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

melatonin, circadian - mala-ta-taan-iN or mela-taan-iN or mil-ta-taan-iN, ShiRSh-aa-dhii-yaaN or ShiRSh-aa-dhii-N

Melatonin - Sleep triggering hormone which controls the circadian rhythm. Also check out Melatonin Side Effects .

mala-ta-taan-iN or mela-taan-iN or mil-ta-taan-iN

mal - to soil, to make dirty, to make it dark, to blacken it, to become "dark" (taamsic) or lazy, dull, sleepy (so when people rub their eyes, in Sanskrit and Hindi it is called "aankhe or akSh malana", to clear the substance that makes your eyes sleepy, or even "aankhe or akSh milana", as when you are sleepy, your eye lids start drooping and meet.

mil - to meet

mela or mila for noun.

ta - for Present or Past Participle

taan - to stretch, to relax, to ease the body

iN - suffix for Adjective.

Is is strange that such good coincidences are there or just that the human thought is so limited, shallow or prone to wild imaginations, which I do not agree, but someone may think so, but he or she should reserve that comment after he or she takes the trouble of getting in trained in Sanskrit, atleast the approaching 300 rules of Sandhis or the Euophonic rules.

Circadian Rhythm

The 24 hour Body Cycle that also regulates your Sleep and Awake cycles. The Pineal Gland in your body regulates this and is synchronized with the Solar Day and Night Cycle.

"C" can be "Palatal Sibiliant", "Cererbal Sibiliant", or used as "k" (but why then you would not use "k" instead?). We will take "C" as "Sh", which is Cererberal Sibiliant sound, and others are "s" Dental Sibiliant, "Z" or "Ch" is used to note the Palatal Sibiliant. Note that in Dental "s", the tounge touches the teeth (almost), in Palatal "s" it touches the root of the mouth, and in Cerberal "S" it curls up backwards in the mouth.


ShiRSh- Head

aadhiin - dependent

Something is dependent on the head or in in the head or controlled by the head - the sleep and waking cycle!

Tryptophan - tRipt-a-paaN


One of the essential 20 Body Protiens that is only present in food and required by the body to induce Sleep Cycle.

So when one eats a good amount of satiating food, which is what tript-a-paaN would mean, with "R" amd "N" as Cerebral "R(i)", and "N", we would feel sleepy. This depends on a lot of other factos, including your sensitivity to sugar, sugar level and other metabolic energy levels of the overall body's different systems.

tRipt-a-paaN - Satiating Obtaining Fed Food.

tRip - to satiate

t - Passive Past Participle

a - as part of sounding off "t". One could have also added "i", and then the sound becomes "e", and many peopke know how the vowels get mixed up, with "a" and "e" being said as "o".

paaN - to obtain, to eat, to drink

paaN-a - Noun Form.

Ommatidia - aum-mati-daa-i-ya

Ommatidia - A unit of an Insects with Compound Eye, where one unit is called Ommatidia and is an unit of picture element to the brain, via 1 Axon which is connected as Receptor to Ommatidia.

aum - Om -> Symbol for God, Supersoul, Individual Soul (as it is parcel of the Supersoul).

mati - to think, to mind, usually good thinking or good perception, as perception of sight, sound, smell, touch and feeling is part of the mind stuff. Brain is the hardware and the Mind is the software.

daa - to give

i - joining letter, making daa + i -> dae

ya - Suffix for Adjective.

So "Something that is God Given 'to mind'" stuff. Of all senses, the sight is the most important one and contributes the most to the making of the mind stuff. The window of vision for the soul!

This is another proof that a Super Nation of Aryans, called Arya-vartas or Arya-vartah ruled the Globe, and after eons of divisions in the family running over space and time, this common-ness is difficult to see unless one gets trained in the science of languages invented by ancients to communicate the thought process!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Uni-verse - a-ni-varS(h)a or an-av-varS(h)a or an-iiv-varS(h)a

a- negative particle

ni - undertakes

varS(h)a - cycle, turns, movement. etc. See the previous posting.

Some thing that "not undertakes a cyclic movement" but remains static - remains as One for ever!!

English "un" and Sanskrit "an" are same, and it shows how the uninitiated started changing the beautiful grammer of the Vedic People.

One can also do this way:

an - not

iiv - even, or

av - down under, or far away,

varS(h)a - cycle

So "not down under or not faraway that moves" or something "not even moves or cycles" !

Still both justify the same attributes of the word "Universe" as the previous one.