Friday, March 27, 2009

Helical, Spherical, hal-i-kal, sph

Helical - hal-i-k-al

Spiral in 2D projected in 3D space. We may not realize this, but according to all Mathematics and Physics, everything moves in Helical Fashion. Yes and Yep. One day, I will share the technical notes.

hal - is the root "to solve", "to pierce" and the words formed by joining "a" the noun form for the word Solution and Plough in Hindi and Sanskrit.

i-joing letter, speciallu used after consonants.

kal - to drive out.

k- suffix for Adjective, like "guN-i-k", which is "attribute-able".

al - suffix for making Abstract Adjective, like "stha-al", which is "station-ary" (BTW, 'sta' in station is connected with "stha").

Spherical - The sign of abundance and divinity.

Have you wondered why all fruits are round?

Why the literature always use metaphors for abundance with the attributes of roundness, firmness, fullness and curvaceousness, and with that of a woman's breast? Sanskrit literature (Kalidaas) and as well English Literature is full of such metaphors (E.M. Foster).

Why many superstitious societies equate a big breast woman with sign of fertility?

It is the maximal volume topology for a minimal surface expended.

sphar - to bulge, to expand, to diffuse, to bend, to open, to discharge

i - joining

kal - to drive out.

We can also add

sphur - quivering, trmemling, throbbing,

spha - to burst, to exapnd.

sph-e-man - fatness, abundance

sph-e-ST - very much abudnant (superlative and note the suffix like "est").

sph-e-as (sph-e-ar) or sph-e-yas (sph-e-yar) - more abundant (comparative with suffic "i-yas" or "i-yar", or "i-as", or "i-ar", which is what English "er" is used for Suffix).

So now we know how "spher" could have also come from the above "sph-e-as" or "sph-e-ar", or "sph-er".