Sunday, March 1, 2009

Uni-verse - a-ni-varS(h)a or an-av-varS(h)a or an-iiv-varS(h)a

a- negative particle

ni - undertakes

varS(h)a - cycle, turns, movement. etc. See the previous posting.

Some thing that "not undertakes a cyclic movement" but remains static - remains as One for ever!!

English "un" and Sanskrit "an" are same, and it shows how the uninitiated started changing the beautiful grammer of the Vedic People.

One can also do this way:

an - not

iiv - even, or

av - down under, or far away,

varS(h)a - cycle

So "not down under or not faraway that moves" or something "not even moves or cycles" !

Still both justify the same attributes of the word "Universe" as the previous one.