Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eadam Mutato ResurGo - Even After Death, I Shall Resurface

Other Greek/Latin Expressions:

The tomb of Bernoulli was inscribed as per his request: Eadam Mutato Resurgo.

What the classical translation says: I shall arise the same, though changed.

It is said Greek and Sanskrit are sisters. And Latin is the child of Greek. But actually Greek is also a child of Sanskrit - as it is shown by the population density vector, materialism vs spiritualism vector, modernity vs ancient-city vector, DNA migration, and so on.

In Sanskrit I would say: etam (idam) mRitatah (martah/mirtah) Srisurgah.

etam -Objective of Singular Pronoun that

ideam - thus

mRi-ta-tah(s) - In Sanskrit the Visarga (Hard Aspirate) can become "ah", "s" and "o" forms but Greek and Latin stick to "o" forms. There is one rule were "tah" is used to make nouns as adverbs. "mRi" is to die - and making it Present or Past Participle, it would take forms of "mRita", and "marta". Like Die-ing-ly, where 'ing' is part of the noun/adjective participle, and "ly" is the adverb part.

RiSurgah - sRi - means to slither or to move or appear. As periphestic future, or past, one needs to repeat the initial syllable, and sometimes two syllables, in some cases, like "sRi", and then drop the "s" part. So it becomes "ri-Sri" but then "ri" becomes "ir" or "ur". The hard part is over. "gaah" means "going" Something that shall be reappearing.

What is means: Thus dyingly I resurface!

Like all Greek and Italian Philosophers, they had close connection with the Orient, the East of Egypt, Persian, and India. It was part of the Reincarnation or Recycle principle.

Spira mirabilis is what Bernoulli called. Note the word "spira" are connected with "sirp" - snake as it also coils - like the spirals. This kind of equal angular and logarithmic spiral, would create its own fractals or mirror/scaled/rotated images. This is the reason he loved and discovered this Spiral and this is one of fundamental properties of nature seen in Physics and Biological Sciences. Someday I will explain how this also enables plants and animals see the "outer world"!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nikitaa - NiKhitaa

Nikitaa = ni/nii + kit + aa = undertake/lead to + what is to be known + feminine form suffix = one who is close/quest of what is to be known, which is God. This is in Active Sense. In Passive Sense, it is an epithet for God.

NiKhitaa = ni/nii + kh + it + aa = undertake/lead to + space/divide + past passive participle/present active participle + feminine = one that has been divided up = earth or conquered as passive or one who has conquered/become victorious.

Needless to say both are related. ;-