Sunday, May 27, 2012

Words Reflecting Religious Divides


Romania and Armenia

Brahma(n) - A-brahama(n)

Ramaa-ni-yaa - A-ramaa-ni-ya = A-roma-ni-a = Armenia

Suriya - Syria - A-suryia = Assyria

Sanaatan = Satan

Deva-ik or Dev-il - Devil

Vedantin - Adventist

Gyan-Astiks - Gnostics

The most ancient religion was called Sanatan Dharmaa which spread across the globe - atleast as far as the Anicent East.  The new religion would call the old religion worshippers as Devils, or Satans!

Please check out the posting where they found the Pillar bearing Vedic Gods in Turkey, where the Hittites and Mittites drew their treaty, and the daughters of Hittites family would be married to the family of Egyptian Kings (Amarna Letters).

Brahman is a Vedic concept where the whole Universe is nothing but Brahman - that has grown big and everywhere - an epithet of Omnipresent.  This is the Holy Spirit of the Christianity.  But when Persians, ancient Vedic people, kicked out Jews from Babylonia, their following became of Abrahmiac!  They also have a Sacred Thread ceremonies like the Ancient Vedic people.

Ramaa-ni-yaa - Followers of Raam.  There is a global presence of the word like the global presence of Christ and Mohammad varying names but this is from the very ancient times.  In India there has been historical divide of Shiva and Rama worships.  It is a history where Romania people are said to be people populated from India - the story of Gypsies.  Now go to the site of Aremenia, and you would see the Shiva Lingam worshipping.

Surya - Sun Worshippers and A-Surya are Moon  Worshippers, and one calling the other Devils!  In Hindu Mythology, Suras are Gods and Asuraas are Demons, and the opposite is in the Persian Mythology - two brothers who split on some Philosphical difference of Monotheism and admittance of Idol Worshipping around 10,000 BC.

Devas of Santana Dharma - or Gods of Vedic people - and the attribute of Gody was Deva-i-k and the followers called Dev-i-l as adjective, and this became the nagtive world for the neo religions!