Sunday, August 26, 2007

Romania and Armenia

Could it be Romania and Aromania? Or Rama-nia and A-Rama-nia? It is a well known folk lore fact that Gypsies of Romania came from India. The genetic_evidence also states the same fact.

The article "a" in Indo European languages, like in Sanskrit for sure, is often used as a negative, but follows the same rule of article "a" and "an" when it comes to words beginning with consonants and vowels respectively, which is same as the rule in English for article "a" and "an".

The ancients would often use the article "a" and "an" to depict an opposite. Is it a strange coincidence that today's Romania and Armenia are on opposite sides of the Black Sea.

Other interesting facts are Azerbaijan has a Jwala-Devi , e.g. Fire Goddess, temple, with Sanskrit inscription and is the only one outside India. The one in India is in Punjab.

Shivini, is said to be the Solar God for Armenia. Interestingly, the picture below shows a picture of a Lingam, besides the Tree of Life depicted on it. The lingam is the symbol of "Male Principle", which the Solar God is equated to.

Surprisingly, there is a city called Armeni in Crete and I have posted an article on "Aum Sign in Crete."