Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Agnus Dei And Gnothi Seauton

Agnus Dei - Agni Dev

Gnothi Seauton - Gnoti Sotam

Fire, Agni Dev, which Vedas also worshiped as a messenger to God, in sacrificial oblations.
In fact the word "Agnus Dei" in Latin in Christinity goes to Agni Dev and symbolizes the same concept.

At temple of Delphi, the inscription, "Gnothi Seauton" - know thyself, in Sanskrit would be "Gnoti Sotam". Attributed to Socrates, Plato or Pythogorous (same who is attributed to famous theorem on right angle triangle and also mentioned in Vedas in Vedangas).

The sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi, and all the Pythian sanctuaries after it, were all centered around the "omphalus" (om-phallos - see posting on it), also called the "center, navel or womb of the world", which from the depictions was obviously a Siva lingam, with the Shakti serpent coiled around it and even bilva leaves scattered on it. Or you can say the symbol for worship of union of "female" and "male" creation energy aspect. (Shiva-Shakti or Brahman-Maya-shakti). Symbolically, the union of Male and Female Principle results in Fruit, Child, attached to the "navel" of Mother.

At one time I saw a picture of marble piece of shiv-lingam with yoni in the Vatican Musuem on Internet.

Picture of OmphalusPicture taken from a very interesting book writtenby Vicki Noble, "Shakti Woman: Feeling our Fire, Healing our World".