Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Anna Perenna And Hilaria

Anna Perenna - Is it Anna Purna or Amma Purna?

Hilaria - Is it Holica, Holika or Holi?

Festival by Greeks and Romans for New Year, around March 15, when the Sun had completed the solar ambulation according to ancients, e.g. around Spring Equinox. Since Sun is considered Source of Life and Food, this festival was also equated to Mother Godess. Other names are Cyble, Isis and etc.

In Sanskrit the word Anna Purna mean the same as Giver of Food and Life, and "n" can become "m", which is Amma, Mother Godess.

Another name is Maya which becomes Maiya or Maia (names for Ancient Godess of Greeks).



Around March time, the variation of the same festival.

Now we have Holi in March. Just a coincidence?

Leap year counting, Solar/Lunar Calanders, and knowledge of 3rd axis of Earth's spin known to Indians and Chinese only in ancient time, (basis for difference in Indic/Chinese Astrology and Arab/Western Astrology) and drifting in space and time accounts for the variations in dates.