Monday, August 20, 2007

Sanskrit-iz-ed Words with Simple and Compound Siblants

Some words on the famouse "s" to "h" rule observed in Saptha -> Haptha, Sindhu -> Hindu, Soma -> Homa. Please note in Sanskrit their are 3 Siblant sounds, cereberal "sh", palatal "sh", dental "s" and compounds with "k", for cererbaral "ksh", palatal "ksh" and dental "ks". Sometimes in english translations, "h" can become "a" without aspiration of "h", "Sh" can become "Ch" (like shunt) or "c" and the compounds with letter "k" can become "c" (like caulk), "q" or "k".

Hammurabi - Somu-Ravi - Moon-Sun . See the artcile on Hammu Rabi. Also see the explaination below on "Chorus - Korus - Surya-ish - Suresh ".

Helen(e) - Shaalin or Shaaliin (possessing a house or room, possessing, abounding in , full of , possessed of , amply provided or furnished with , conversant with , distinguished, name of a teacher , name of a woman, having a fixed house or abode , settled , established , domestic, modest, an opulent householder , one who devotes himself to household or worldly affairs, cultured , modesty , humility and well behaved. Shila and Sheel also mean what is meant by the last few words. Helen-nis-tic word is used to denote anything that has to do with ancient Greece culture and history, and often includes, Troy, Crete, Athena, Sparta, and Mino nations. The names Selene (Selene Dion) is related to Shaalin. Sheel, Shiela, Shailesh or Shila-ish (related to lord of mountains, Shiva (God), who is the provider of all that is possed and furnished, and also a house-holder). All the words here describe the attributes one can think of the Greek Culture, which has become the proud legacy for the Western Civilization. Since the ancients also thought the Sun to be the provider, the word "Helios" also is related to the word.

Chorus - Korus - Surya-ish - Suresh - Sun God or Lord. Chorus is a famous Persian King which was considered to be a solar incarnation king, who also ruled Babylonia, and set the bonded Jews free from their Babylonia captivity, and also helped them rebuild the Solomon's Temple in Jerusulem. Mohammad, the founder of Islam, was from Quereshi priest family who were Solar worshippers. So in Sanskrit, someone who is worshiping Suresh will be called Sureshi. Often siblants with "k" have their "k" dropped in pronounciations (like in Hindi it is Shatri but in Sanskrit it is Kshatri), or the later siblant is dropped (like Khatri from Kshatri). Now in English translation, the sound one gets from "K" in classical language like Sanskrit, can be replaced with "q" or "ch", specially by the colonial historians who did not have background to Sanskrit letter sounds. So "Qureshi" is a Muslim name and now it points to their ancestors religion. Shamash or Shamesh also means the same, as Sun Worshipper, and may be corruption of Suresh, which is "Surya-ish" Please see the article on Hammu Rabi.

Horus - Chorus - Egyptian Solar God.

Kurus - Solar Worshipper Dynasty mentioned in Mahabharat.