Sunday, January 10, 2016

Helios - Suresh - Horus - India, Egypt and Greek are Indo European Countries

Like the Bengal and South India states of India retain Vedic Aryan culture.

(1) Sindhu -> Hindu -> Indu (

2) Saptha -> Haptha

(3) Suresh -> Shuresh -> Huresh -> Horuesh -> Horus (Egyptian Sun God) Next sound after u is O. es becomes us - showing corruption because of lack of proper sound, grammar and linguistics training.

(4) Suryah - Huryah - Huryoh -> Huryos -> Helios ah can become ar and as and even os.

Greek os is related to this. It also shows the semi-vowel "r" can become "l", which are neighbors.

In Sanskrit Rii and Lrii sound are inter-changeable. Ra Horus is Ram Shorus.

There have been Egyptian Kings called Rami with Siti Queen. And Ramesys or Rame-ishish (Ram God) and Ram-Sin(gh). English did not know how to speak and write phonetically. :-)