Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Science in my mind

The Science in my mind.

2D Cycles are Sin and Cos functions. 3D Cycles are not taught to us. But in Nature, it is the Torus - concentric circles going from small to big to small, and each stage having accelerating and decelerating changes like Sin and Cos. And then radially aligned circles going round and round without changes. Between these two orthogonal extremes, Nature takes flows in 3D for 3D Standing Waves.

For every photon we see emerge and come towards us, there is a dark photon that must leave us. So there are two kind of photons. As many photons have accumulated over 14-15 Billion Years. there is less Visible Universe and Energy than the Invisible Energy. Dark Energy is Vacuum Ether. Dark Matter is space-time concentrated wells like Dark Holes but dead and lacking any Spiral Galactic motion and spewing of radiation at the poles.

The electrons are in two configurations. N-N poles in top and bottom and S-S poles in top and bottom too. This is classical explanation for Stern–Gerlach experiment. We do not have to worry about spinning charge exceeding speed of light as it is not one circular spin but series of expanding and contracting spins. Electron has "ether" pressure gradient from inside to outside to explain negative charge.

Positrons are like electrons but with "ether" pressure gradient from outside to inside. Think of them one being a positive energy taken from Vacuum or Sea of Energy and the other being negative and on the way to be given back. So in "created" Universe, we will see more matter than anti matter. There are two kind of Positrons.

Neutrinos are like Electron and Positron combined - 1/2 Electron and 1/2 Positron with zero "ether" pressure gradient. There are two types of Neutrinos like Electron and Positron. There is no Anti Neutrino but Science is calling the second type of Neutrino as Anti. This state of things are in perfect balance and zero entropy to react with any matter - except be part of weak force participants.

The expanding Universe is just a phase. It will be followed by contracting Universe. The Solar System, Galaxies, and the Universe are all Tourus in substance. We may have multi Torus and ad infinitum.

Quantum Entanglement shows hidden geometries in Ether Space - like a the wings of planes would be opposite in vortices. They happen at the same time. Measuring one creates a mirror geometry and precipitate two ends at the same time. The Ether at its level act likes One which is Distributed but still Central.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

RamStein in Germany - Ram Sthaan in India

The sounds "th" and "t" are often intermixed.

So are sounds "aa" and "ae" or "ei".

This is part of Linguistics Archeology and conforming with the PIE story.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Immort-al - Amarat

Just realized the word Immortal is connected with the Sanskrit word Amarat.

The uninitiated speakers can confuse the sound "a" with sounds of "i", and "o", and repeat the sound "m"

So amarat becomes i(a)m(m)o(a)r(a)t - and al is added to make it adjective like -ness.

Friday, July 22, 2016

German:Wissen and kennen - Sanskrit: viSheShaN and keNaN

Wissen implies knowing a fact, kennen implies knowing in the sense of being acquainted with and having a working knowledge of; there is also a noun derived from kennen..
Sanskrit viSheShaN means Adjective and meaning attribute of the knowing fact or object. Sanskrit KeNeN mean How or By What Means or Instrumentative.
So both German and Sanskrit have similar words!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Origin of Matrix

Do you know the root of Matrix goes back to Sanskrit Grammar of Noun/Pronoun/Adjective Declension Matrix and Verb Conjugation?

Matra - is unit of syllables/sounds.
ikS - is overseeing the above.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Widow and Vidhava ; Aggresive - aggrasi ; Stable and Astabal

Widow and Vidhava - vi-dhav-a - one's who has been shaken away or washed away - 'dhav' is root to run away.

Aggressive and Agrassi - aaghra - asi - one who attacks first, or agr-asi - one who takes the lead or competes for being ahead

Stable and Astabal - aa-stabal = towards home and stablity.  Home provide stability from variability of outside -  a refuge.  Home for horses.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Drum and Dumru

Shankar God's Damru and English Drum are same.

The juxtaposition happens because untrained ears would not catch the subtle "ar" sound and hearing middle nasal sounds also becomes challenging.

Usually as one goes from East to West, you would notice people dropping "ar" and "am" or "aN" sounds or mixing it up.