Thursday, May 19, 2022

त्रास् - त्रासदय - Tragedy

Tras (त्रस्).—I. 1, 4 P. (trasati, trasyati, trasta) 1) To quake, tremble, shake, start with fear. 2) To fear, dread, be afraid of (with abl., sometimes with gen. or instr.); यस्य त्रसन्ति शवसः (yasya trasanti śavasaḥ) Rv.6.14.4; प्रमदवनात्त्रस्यति (pramadavanāttrasyati) K.255; कपेर- त्रासिषुर्नादात् (kapera- trāsiṣurnādāt) Bk.9.11;5.75;14.48;15.58; Śi.8.24; Ki.8.7. 3) To run away, run from. -Caus. (trāsayati-te) To frighten, terrify. -II. 1 U. (trāsayati-te) 1) To go, move. 2) To hold. 3) To take, seize. 4) To oppose, prevent त्रासदय - त्रस् + अ (to make noun) + द (giving) + य (adjective, of nature of noun).

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Alternation - अन्नतायन

Etymology (इति मल लोग(लोक)) of Alternation अन्नतायन - following a different path or option अन् - Prefix of not, "un" comes from here. नत​ - Following, Bowing, Giving in, Obesisience आयन - Following like the suffix in Ram-ayana.

Friday, March 18, 2022

Vertex - वरत-ईक्ष

the highest point; the top or apex. each angular point of a polygon, polyhedron, or other figure. वर - var - best, choose, seek वरत - varat - best elected, chosen, sought ईक्ष - to see What it means is the best chosen to over see. It is like the word matrix which is like मातृ-ईक्ष which means the mother overseeing. The vertex is like that. For example, when two lines cut, which point is the most interesting? The vertex! Similary, when one looks at the triangle, what points are chosen? The three vertex points! The matrix came from Sanskrit Tables used for Noun, Pronoun, Participles, and Adjectives Conjugation and Verb Declensions. So it provided an indirection, handle and abstraction to oversee. Mathematical Matrix and Tables in Software and Databases are like that. It provides an address to a family of related things.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Education - अध्युक्तायन - आधय्युक्तायन

Etymology (iti-mal-loky(a) or इति मल लोग(लोक)) of Education आध्यान - meditation, meditating upon अध्युक्तायन​ - अधि उक्त आयन - prefix for "over" + said + following - following someone who has authoritatively said. आधय्युक्तायन​ - आ धी युक्त आयन - prefix for "towards" + to think or meditate + yoked or practice like yoga + following - towards practice or process of thinking or meditating and following that.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Rotten - रतन

We know officially, the words father, mother, brother and even sister come from पितृ/ “pitRi” (the word ”padre” is more obvious but one must note “p” becomes “ph” or “f” and “Ri” becomes “er” - those knowing Noun inflections or Roopa of pitRi will understand better), मातृ / “mAtRi”, भातृ / “bhAtRi” ( confusing hard-soft and aspirated-unaspirated kh, g, gh, c, ch, j, kh, b, bh, and so in), and ससृ / “sa-SRi” ( t is added). बाबा becomes papa, दादा becomes daddy, and मामा becomes mummy. Patron (acting as a god father snd sponsoring scholarship to deserving) goes back to पात्र (deserving to get or the getting person). रतन - Ratan for gem - is connected with “rotten” but the meaning has become opposite. Sometimes the two warring factions take the same event with opposite meaning. Like a same war is a victory for one and loss for the other. This is seen in definitions for sura and asura between Indians and Persians. Similarly Sanskrit उप or “up” for prefix for down becomes English for “up”.

Friday, November 5, 2021

वरा सिता या -- Veracity

"veracity" is like the word "citadel" which stands for something that can be closely and deeply examined for truthfulness and honesty. In Sanskrit that can be metaphorically said as "वरा सिता या", "like the best Sita" or the "(the feminine) best/chosen (वरा) Sita (सिता) who (या)". It is like the word "citadel" or सिता ढाल shared in the past. Citadel - Innermost Protected Area of City सिता ढाल - Protection of Sita - How सिता or S/C ita was Protected by Lakshman in drawing Lakshman Rekha. ढाल is for Protection. was Protected by Lakshman in drawing Lakshman Rekha. ढाल is for Protection. Going from East to West, the aspirated and unaspirated sounds are mixed up. English drops half the sounds of Sanskrit. Hope people know that there is archeological, linguistic, and cultural evidence of Ram-Sita as far as Peru, Italy, Iraq, and Egypt, forgetting about the Far East.

Herberito हरि बर्त:

I have a Gardner named “Herberito” and in Sanskrit it would be “हरि बर्त:” and “:” sound in Sanskrit becomes “as”, “aS”, “aSh” and “ir” sounds and in Greece it becomes “os” sound. Spanish goes to Latin which goes to Greek. Then Aryan and Dravidian DNA in Peru Prachas Skelton which looks like Vaanar. Sir William Jones said Peruvians worshipped Ram Sitva festival. Those who don’t know, NW Indian Peninsula is the source of European DNA. Otherwise the Indo European DNA, Language, Culture and Religion was very unified in ancient times. Then through other routes Indians reached with their inheritance to lands of Americas along other Eastern Asians, as they were one religiously, around the same time, around 40000 BC. So DNA, Linguistics and Archaeological evidences are there but the Western Academia still has biases of White Supramacists and with past of Roman Church and Colonial European agendas. Still many of honest scholars tried to be honest and published books. Their predictions came true after many centuries. So since my early days in the US, I had seen an Indian connection with Mexicans who also claim their ancestors discovered zero. I found 3 reasons - commonness in physical appearance like Indians, Red and Green Chutney/ Salsa, Roti/Bu ritto (note roti sound) and Handicrafts like Shaal and Dhurry. Later scholars have written about commonality in their worship and temple architecture.