Saturday, December 5, 2009

Poilce, polish - paalashah, look - lokah

paal - to protect, to be lord.

Like Amar-pal, the king of Babylon and the father of Hamurabi (Somu-Ravi)

paal-shah - protectively.

"sh" is a prefix used for "ly" and "ah" is the visarga suffix for Subjective Singular.

Now we know how the word "shah" in Persian History has evolved. Here "sh" is palatal and can be approximated by "ch" and "z" sounds when transliterating to languages like English and Latin. "ch" is aspirated version of "c". No wonder we see "z" and "c' both in the versions of spelling of "police".

"polish" is also means to have a protective layer.

lokah - the worlds we live in and perceive, which is to look. So now, we know how the word "look" has come.