Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tryptophan - tRipt-a-paaN


One of the essential 20 Body Protiens that is only present in food and required by the body to induce Sleep Cycle.

So when one eats a good amount of satiating food, which is what tript-a-paaN would mean, with "R" amd "N" as Cerebral "R(i)", and "N", we would feel sleepy. This depends on a lot of other factos, including your sensitivity to sugar, sugar level and other metabolic energy levels of the overall body's different systems.

tRipt-a-paaN - Satiating Obtaining Fed Food.

tRip - to satiate

t - Passive Past Participle

a - as part of sounding off "t". One could have also added "i", and then the sound becomes "e", and many peopke know how the vowels get mixed up, with "a" and "e" being said as "o".

paaN - to obtain, to eat, to drink

paaN-a - Noun Form.