Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mark, Marchand, Marachand, Marcand, Maracand, Marsand, Marasand, Marshand, Marashand, Markand, Marakand. Maarg

Western Last Names :
Maracand, Marsand, Marasand, Marshand, Marashand,

Indian Sur Names:

The meaning and the origin of this world is a tough one. But the words demonstrate important well known rules:

mR -> mar -> maar - Gradations of the sounds from Root -> Guna -> Vriddhi

k (Guttaral) -> c (English transliterion) -> sh (Palatal "sh" - English "c" also being pronounced as "k") -> "ch" (confusion of overloaded sounds in "c" and aspiration tendency of some speakers) -> "kh" - Guttaral Aspirated "k" ) and finally "sh -> "s" (loosing of aspiration and becoming Dental "s").

So what does it mean? Markand was a name of the Spiritual Percent of the Daanavas (who are also in the mythology of European nations). And if one takes "and" as the meaning of "Egg" it means "egg or lineage of something "mark", which means monkey, ape, and sometimes the word goes to mean Dolphins, Plants, etc. The word "makar" means crocodile, which is one of the Zodiac signs, and in English it is called Capricorn. So does it mean one who is born in the Zodiac sign of the Crocodile?

Interestingly, India has a festival called Makar-Sankranti - which is Makar + Sama + KRaant - i or ii (with R as Cerebral one). It is very ancient festival celebrated when the Sun completes its south-ward bound journey, from Tropic of Cancer to Tropic of Capricorn, and starts its north-ward bound journey. This event is called Sun's Summer Solstice or Uttaraanya, which has shifted from the month of Jan to month of June - but the Hindus still keep celebrating in Jan/Feb Time frame.

So this gives us the clue. " Sama-k.." becomes "Sank" because Labial Nasal sound "m" is joining Guttural "k" and so it has to become Guttural Nasal, which is "N" in "Anger" sound.

So how is the word Makar formed? "Arc" means Sun, and also English Arc (see my posting on Artic, Arc And Antartica), so if one takes "Ma + Arc" it becomes that is "Not + Sun", or "Not + Arc", or I would say the "Goal" or "Mark" of the Sun's journey - which is the Tropic of Capricorn! Wow we are getting close now. So the other side of this line is always without Sun! So "Ma -Arc" also means that has no Sun! Now this happens to coincide with the Zodiac of Capricorn which to India's the Zodiac Constellation looked like a Crocodile and hence the animal also started getting called Crocodile.

Now interestingly why Dolphin and Monkey? We all know Zodiacs shift with Precession and so does the Solstice's. See my posting on Stone Circles. So well this is a research idea of another article!

If we take "and" as "ant", meaning of end, than it makes more sense.

So the original Sanskrit Last name would have been "Makara-ant" and his children being called "Makara-ant-and" and in the processing this getting corrupted.

So now we also say how the world English "Mark" is related!

Now we can also say how the word "Maarg" in Sanskrit has come - the path.

We satisfy the 2 rules we use in this game: (1) Use well known rules of Sanskrit and Linguistics and (2) Arrive at the same, related and even opposite meaning of the word (because of whose point of view - like your gain is my loss).