Thursday, September 6, 2007

Artic, Arc And Then Antartica - Going Reverse

Last night, I was just thinking of the words again. For me it is like a meditation and insights into the deeper meanings. For those of you would like to increase your vocabulary of the English Language, and all the related words of the world, I would suggest a visit to Annu Garg's WordSmith Site WordSmith, and you can also subscribe to an email service, called "A word a day". You will see that how the words in different languages have got twisted from the same roots! So it is a really a learning experience, because the Word is World. Remember, the often quoted text from Genesis in Bible, "In the beginning there was nothing but the word." The same concept is there in Hindu Cosmogony.

Quantum Physics has validated that our perception is based on the world inside us. This has also been validated by Psychologists. For example, Native Americans of South America, when they initially "saw" (did not see) the fleet of ships coming to their coast, a big armada which can hardly be ignored by a modern naked eye, was even not seen by them for many days! It is because their brains were not programmed to "see" (visually register) ships and many days went on before suddenly the Spanish feet was spotted! This was covered in Discovery, PBS or History Channel. The Native Americans thought, that the visitors were their ancestral gods or guardians from their ancestor's home land! You see facts become fiction over the years and a lot of collective memory of the community is lost. So even these people who came by boats, as accepted now, since the Alaska Berring Strait Bridge being the route is now questioned, these people completely got the concept of boats and ships wiped out of their collective consciousness. So very naively, these people welcomed the Spanish Fleets and made them hospitable, only to be taught a new lesson of the perils of treating the guest as God!. In India the same philosphy was taught, despite the same lessons learnt. Perhaps the world has become a lot wiser about the crookedness of the rest of the world!

What I gain out of this exercise? The same pleasure which Anu Garg gets and same service he is doing. But Anu is taking the main stream approach and very subtly showing some Sanskrit words, but more often the Latin and Greek roots, which is the common practice if you want to be accepted by the main stream. I am hoping they would be more tolerant towards me and see the value I am extending! So when I play this game of parsing the English words to Sanskrit-ized words, I would sometime repeat to refine my results. For more details on the game and the rules, please see my posting on the same words listed in the subject.

Anyway, the word "Arctic", comes from "Arc", which mean as a verb to show light, and which I mentioned in the previous posting. Noun can also be made as "Arca", which is the epithet for Sun in Sanskrit. Arca-tic or Arca-tik is like "Krit" becoming "Kar-tik", just note on the suffix part as there is a different rule going on when "ri" becomes "ar" in their "Guna" or 1st level promotion of the vowel sound. So what it means a region where Sun-shine-ness is present. As often I have seen in words, for some reasons, the words sometimes take just the opposite meanings, even in the same language, and many times when crossing from Sanskrit to English. I have many examples of this, which I use to make my kids remember the words from their English background! Remember how the same concepts of "Off/On" and "Right/Left" are opposite between English and Americans? So the north pole region, which is above the Tropic of Cancer, is where the Sun does not exist! What it means is that the imaginary projection or the shadow of the Sun does not cross over the Tropic of Cancer! So this makes sense.

Now Antarctica would be "Anta-Arctic", which would mean the end of sun-shine-ness, which is beyond Tropic of Capricorn.

As you can see, the knowledge of the ancients, gets diluted and lost, as time goes on and people move. So like the kids from 1st generation immigrant parents, would be loosing that linguistic and cultural in-heritage and intonational knowledge build into a culture. So the Proto Indo European (PIE), as they moved around, they lost this knowledge, and only the staunchest stickler of their ancestor's way of life and beliefs, stuck to that to best possible extent. This would be the clue to finding the origin of PIE people.

As some of you may have notice the English word, "Arc" should trace to this root. So the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn are nothing but "arcs", really!

Another thing, the latitude of these lines is 23.5 Degree North and South of Equator respectively, which is the same as the tilt of the Earth's North-Pole axis from the Celestial Sphere North South Pole! Do you see a connection?