Monday, September 17, 2007

Savior (Christ) And Savaria (Christna, Chrishna, Krishna)

We are playing the same game of words and the rules remain the same.

Savior is Christ. Webester Dictionary says this:

Main Entry: sav·ior Variant(s): or sav·iour /'sAv-y&r also -"yor/

Function: Noun

Etymology: Middle English saveour, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin salvator, from salvare to save1 : one that saves from danger or destruction2 : one who brings salvation;

One who recovers you or salvages you or your life. Or saves you from imminent doom.

Christna, Chrishna or Krishna is also called Savaria.

He is called Savaria because of his "dark" complexion like of the evening sky.

According to me it is 'Su' (Prefix for Good) + 'Var' (Guna of Verb Root Vri) +' ia' (or ya for suffix for Noun or Adjective).

Root "Vri" means: to ward off, to check, keep back, prevent, hinder, restraint. It also means to take shelter, cover, or chose. So it means something of this with a sense of something good.

So someone who is Shielder, Protector, Guardian, or Saviour!