Thursday, September 6, 2007

English: Ram, Rome, Romania, Romance, Drama, Romulus, Remus, & Gypsy - Sanskrit: Rama, Ram, Romaka, Roman-chit & Doma


Ram - Sheep, Some heavy shaft or hammer to batter or strike hard.

Rome - City of Rome

Romania - Country of Roma people, Gypsies, or Doma People. D is Cerebral D and not Dental D. See my posting on Romania And Armenia.

Romance - A venture of love, courtship, sex, unbelievable chivalry, and daring act where your hair can stand up!

Romulus - One of Twin in Roman Mythology

Remus - Second Twin in Roman Mythology.

Gypsy - People from India who migrated to Europe and Steppes, and confirmed by DNA mapping. See my another article on Armenia, Romania, etc. I saw Gypsies in Moscow but in bad shape. Heard of Gypsies in France and England in 1800's texts.

Drama - A play of Dance, Music and Song. All signs of merriment and people who entertaining you are Gypsies or Domas from India!


Rama - Name of Hindu God, who happens to be incarnation of Vishnu, who also incarnated as Krishna and Budhha. Interestingly, Krishna was born, when Spring Equinox was in the Zodiac of Ram (English) - the Sheep! This is before the event shifted to the Zodiac of Tarus, of the Bull, where all ancient nations of same religion worshiped - although names of Gods varied but the underlying principle remained the same - just like today in Hinduism, which is itself a name given by outsiders to account all beliefs in ancient India.

Ram - To enjoy, to delight, to make merry, to be glad, to be pleased, to stand still, to stay put, to have sexual intercourse. Here the meanings move from spiritual, to emotional, to intellectual, to sensual and to physical delights.

Rambh - Bamboo, Shaft, Name of Asura or Ashura.

Romaka - People of Mixed Low Race. Hairy. Salty.

Romant - Hair Standing Out

Roman-chit - Adventurous

Doma - ('D' is Cerebral and not Dental). Man of low caste making a living by singing and music.

As you can see, the meanings on the two camps sometimes run from synonymous to antonyms, from directed connected meaning to an indirect connected meaing, from subtle meaning to grosser meaning.

Interestingly, you can see opposite camps mixing words and sometimes making an opposite or vulgur meaning, which I have seen in many examples, which one day I will cover.