Sunday, February 17, 2008

Romania - 11 Century Indian Diaspora All Over The World

Indian continent saw some of the bloodiest times from 780 AD onwards as the Islamic Crusaders reached Multan Punjab. Such cataclysmic moments force people to migrate taking refuge, or taken as slaves.

Please read this article on Romania and my posting Romania-And-Armenia. Now ask what the name "Rham" means? Among western speakers, their is tendency for them to speak the Sanskrit letters as aspirated. Like my children in the beginning would speak "K" as "Kh", "C" as "Ch", and so on. So this becomes "Ram". Now go and see how many "Rham" names in Google.

These are the fingerprints of the unrecorded Indian migration that has gone on for ages, as India is one of the most ancient civilizations, having sea faring trades with the rest of the world, accompanied with cultural and business settlements, migrating people because of new opportunities in lesser densely populated and discovered regions, or being driven out by force or circumstances because of some conflicts.