Friday, February 22, 2008

English Camilla, Catherine, Kathrine, Katrin, Katerini, Katrina - Sanskrit Kamala, Katrinii

After my last posting on "Cacey", "Casey", "Cayce" and "Kashi", I asked a colleague of mine if he had seen the posting - since I felt I owed to his name, and a mispronunciation by an Indian Manager, which sounded like "Cace", I immediately thought about the previous posting.

To let you know, the colleague said and felt the same thing as his experience of being called by all these names by the westerners!

This is not surprising, as the Human Civilization is very ancient and India is one of the most ancient countries. It is all established that Sanskrit is one of the most ancient and root languages of Indo European Languages - despite all the colonial politics. It is also established that humans passed into Europe from North Western Indian Peninsula around 40,000 BC and that the Celtic Druids are related to Brahmins - as per many scholars for past 300 years. Germans have always prided themselves to be called Aryans and they have always in fonding cultural memory have mentioned about their ancient mother land that they left behind - so I have read and recall.
What does Lufthansa mean? It literally means in Sanskrit Airlifted Swan! Now go and see the carrier's logo!!

Kamala - A girls name - feminine for Kamal or Lotus. Camilla is the equivalent. "C" is "K" in many transliterations. There are rules where vowels, and specially "l" can be doubled.

Katrinii - KatR as verb root means one that cuts, slackens or removes away. The present participle, for noun, adjective or verbal substitute, would become "katrin" as "R" becomes "ir" in one of the sounds. Now to make a feminine one would add "aa" or "ii". So you get Katrinii or Katrinaa. The westernized names are Katrina, Katerini, Katrin Katrina, Katherine, and Catherine. "K" and "C" get interchanged and "t" can become "th" in western pronunciation. "a" can become "e" and "e" can become "i". If you do not trust me, I would recommend to study some classical languages, like Sanskrit Grammar. Even today, in the North, specially among pure Hindi Speaking People, a piercing eyes of a girl that cuts into your heart or takes away your heart is called "Katrini Aankhe".