Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yasmin and Jasmin, Yamuna and Jamuna, Yeshu and Jeshu

For some reasons, "Surya" or "Brahman" say "J" as I" or "Y", both which are equivalent. "I" is pure vowel and "Y" is a semi-vowel, which is formed by "Samaprassana" principle (degradation of vowel in opposite direction - instead from "U" to "O", "I" to "E", now it is "O" to "U", "E" or "I" to "Y", and so on). And Semitic, "A-Surya" or "A-Brahman-ic>" (Palis or people following Buddhism/Jainism kind of Monotheism and expelled from India in waves by the and hence the name of Palestine as (in fact Spelling Correction would also suggest Palestine as the correct spelling - reinforcing the modern westernized view of the name". Please note that they say their were many incarnation of Buddhas like the way their were many incarnations of Vishnu).

Jasmin - will be Yasmin, which is also a Personal 3rd Person Pronoun with a Locative Case - like "In Whom" or "On Whom".

Jamuna - River next to Taj Mahal as called by Moguls, and called by Hindus as Yamnua.

Jeshu - Name of Christ and other Prophets. Isheu, Esheu, Yeshu is basically "Ya-Ishu", which is "Yeshu", meaning "the One who id Desired", which is God.

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