Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Casimir and Kashmir

Know for sure that the civilizations have come and gone, and we hardly know about their history. Much of the human movement and settlement has gone unrecorded as man at that time did not have the luxury of indulgence in things not related to survival in their day to day existence. Ask any person who has no interest in the things I post - because they do not care and do not have time. Only when you come out of the trap-well called the present, no pun intended, then one reflects on things like past and future events that relate to the humans, besides himself.

Please read the Background and the Guiding Philosophy. There is enough proof and co-relation of facts, if one does a statistical regression. Also document all known syllables, and take the probabilities of the sounds happening together in different combinations, and you will get the answer. The fact that like-wise words are found in different places, indicates human-interaction between the places.

Casimir is a last name as in "Hendrik Casimir" or Casimere in "Corey Casimere"

Kashmir is the name of state in India, and many people have names go by Kashmiri, Kasi-Meer.

Word mentioned in Anacalypsis

"K" and "C" get mixed up in the English transliteration and has overloaded sounds, "Cat" and "Champ".

"S" and "Sh" get mixed up becuse of aspiration tendency of Europeans and Americans.

"E" and "I" are the same, as "E" is overloaded as "Hey", "Sell", "Meet", where you can see "e" is "ai", "e" is like "a" and "ee" is like "ii" respectively of Sanskrit.

Meer, Mir, and Miir, are same, which in Sanskrit means, "Ocean, Limit, Boundary, Mountain".

Now feminine name will be formed by adding "a", which beccomes, "Meera" or "Miira", "Mira", assuming "r" as a built sound of "a".

Now Kashi was a well known place of learning from the ancient times, and Kashmir was a swampy mountaineous place reclaimed by Rishi Kashyap (there is more than that which I need to dig), and it also became a seat of learning for people from the West Asia.

So a place which becomes the source, or the limit, or the ocean, or the mountain of the Knowledge, or the Fountain Head of the knowlege is called "Kashimir"!

Now later the word "Meer" became an addressing of honour, like the word "Sir", perhaps designating a person's stature as an educated person and knowledge. In the ancient times there was more respect given to knowledge and learning than the material belongings one had.