Thursday, March 6, 2008

London School Using Sanskrit To Help Kids Learn Math, Science and Other Languages

The same principle I used to help my son recover from his Head Injury Loss of 1/3 Brain from 3 places on the right side - since last 13 years and before this news clipping.

Three Psychologists had ruled that he will never be able to study - lest expect him to excel above the average - as he could not even follow any simple instructions, like for drawing a line, joining two points, do any simple spatial moves like turning around, as he had a loss of Visual and Auditory Short Term Memory, loss of Sequencing Ability, loss of the right ear hearing, loss of ability to focus with the right side eye, loss of the left eye neural vision, loss of the Vision Field on the left side of more than 90 Degrees (he wound bump into wall corners at middle of his forehead), loss of context switching ability and loss of Short-Term Memory.

Today he goes to 40th Top US High School and gets A's (>80%) and B's (>90%). He is the same kid whose Glasgow Coma Scale was of 3, that of a dead person (15 if you are alive and healthy), and his body paralyzed from the left side with the back and the neck control gone, and the doctors refusing to attend as he was clinically "gone" - no blood in the body, no pulse, no pupil dilation to light, and no verbal, motor, auditory or visual response. This was in Kanpur, India, in 1996, and his chances of "transition" were 98% and Comatose at "2%". The Neuro Surgeon was forced to do the operation (after a shouting match with my elder brother and some verbal threats exchanged as part of the melodrama that took place in the Emergency Ward) without any fear of retributions, blame or responsibility (as this is India were life is cheap, no protocol or laws honored, and doctors need to worry about other issues like reputation, social back-lash specially when a small kid is involved, etc.). He was put on all artificial life support to give a shot. The doctor who performs Christopher Reeve's like operation single handed, unlike the 3 US Counterparts doing the same, had his hands shaking and preying to God - as told by him to his Maternal Grand Father. His head was swollen 5 times as he had suffered Open and Compound Multiple Fractures and Concussions on all sides, besides the brain loss.