Sunday, March 9, 2008

Angiogenesis - aNg + IH + jana + iSis

Angiogenesis - Cellular Division for Cell Growth

aNg or aG, where G is Guttural Nasal (like in aNGer), or N is Palatal Nasal (like in muNch) means Body or part of Body.

I - used to make compounds. So it would become '
aNg-I' like in "aNg-I-kR" (done by the body).

"H" - to make it a Simple Subjective Singular Person
Nound - like Rama and RamaH.

Or we take this as "i +
aH" to make it a Genetic or Ablative Case (Ram's or From Ram).

So we get "
aNgIh". and when we meet a soft sound, it would become "iO".

jana - to generate. (there is a word called 'janayet' which means to generate!)

iSi, iSir or eSi - meaning (1) To Desire (2) Refreshing, Flourishing, Vigorous, (3) Seeking. Striving and the Striver is eSiTR, eSiTaa, eSiTra for generic root, Singular Subjective and the root for other cases, which means Striver - like PitR, Pitaa, Pitra for Father.

So to make it a Singular, one would add "h" sound to the compound. Now this can be made into "r" as we see in '
eSir' and into "s" or "S" as we have"Si" sound before. So it becomes "eSiS" or "iSiS".

The compound means: "Body or Of Body or From Body" + "Generate" + "Desired, Refreshing, Flourishing, Striving", which fits the description of the word.