Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Perendev, Kunkel, Kankal, Kenka, Kenkel - Purendev, Prandev, Kankal

These are the same Indian Surnames. If you do not believe it, go and read the Background Blog.

How many people today in the 21st Century are educated? I mean not really educated but went to college and got a stamp of a degree? And how many of us are really trained in classical languages or care for it? We just abstract things out to simple conclusions to go by our lives.

But here are the names of lost brethren. Only for late decades, has the Western History accepted that the world was not 5000 years old! Many ancients, specially with spiritual inclination and not caring for the notoriety in the posterity, did not care of history. India was one of those countries. Then people struggling for survival really do not care for history. So the immigrants from the ancient land of India, did not really care to preserve from where they came.

For example, I would not even know the history of my grandfathers, let alone their ancestors.

Checkout the names in Google. Thanks Google, now we can see the commonness among each other - the World is One Big Family! That is why there is the saying in Sanskrit, Vasudhaiv Kutumbikam, “the world is one family”.