Sunday, March 2, 2008

Russian Medvedev and Sanskrit Mahadev Dev, Maha Dve Dev, and Mahdhav

Just have someone from Russia try to speak:

(1) Mahadev Dev fast.
(2) Maha Dve Dev
(3) Mahdhav Dev

Rules observed:

(1) M can become Mh - westerners tend to aspirate more and even seen among First Generation Indian Kids. For them "K" and "Kh", "G" and "Gh" are two sounds are same.

(2) "A" can become "E" - Just see the variations of "Ram" with different meanings.

(3) "Dev" can become "Dve"or it may just be "dve" meaning two.

(4) "D" can become "Dh"

So it could be "Maha Dve Dev", meaning "Grat Two Lords", or it could be just "Mahadev Dev", or Mahdhav - which is an epithet of Krishna, incarnation of Vishnu, and interestingly Shiva is called Mahadev, and there have been two major divisions of worships, called "Vaishnavites" and "Shaivaites".

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