Sunday, February 1, 2009

Land, London, England, Netherland(s), Holland - laND, laND, iNg-laND, nidra-laND, hal-laND

land - laND - where "N" and "D" are cerebral sound for Nasal "n" and "d". It means as a verb "to throw or toss around", and to convert to a noun, one would just add "a". But English assumes a built in vowel sound "a" like Hindi but not like Sanskrit. It is the most confusing sound. It also means "excrement", so what would you call a piece of land thrown around with piece of shit? Land! So is it not assuming that in the old days, since Farming was ad vented, and toilet still not a common thing, people would go to the fields, in Farms if there was a sense of some modesty, or else, to go to an open field and do the early morning job (or what ever time it suited you but early morning had its advantages as everyone was caught doing the same business)!

London - laNDaan - laNDan - one is the general root for Active Present Participle of converting Verb to Noun/Adjective/Verbal (acting noun/adjective like verb), and the other is "plural objective" form of the noun "laND". As we must know, the most of the Northen Europe was really civilized late in comparison to the old Ancient World, so this is not a far fetched word to describe a piece of real-estate where they accumulated "Animal Shit" to make "Cow Dungs", which was a common practice to use it as fuel. Or just a city reclaimed from a wasted land, or shit littered land. Sorry for the sense of the graphical descriptions but here I am trying to emphasis on the derivation context of the word. The French word for the city comes close to this analysis!

England - iNg-laND - Here "Ng" is Guttaral Nasal which is approximated as "Ng" in English, and sounds like "Ng" in the word "aNger". It also become "iNk", where "k" is a Guttaral "k", and means the same as the English "Ink". As a verb, it means "to make a mark or spot", and as a noun it is the "agent noun". So a spot of dirt land, or waste land, compared to the continent Europe, is "iNg-laND", or England.

Nether land(s) - nidra-laND - Land were they sleep, ot the land sleeps, because it has 6 months of winter!

Holland - hal-land - place where they have "invented", or "ploughed" the land. This is the place where they have WindMills and Dykes to prevent the ocean coming in-land (if I recall correctly). In Vedic literature, there is a mention of some people and country by the name "Hala".

The word "laND" is also a vulgur word in modern Hindi but many words have become derogative, like the word "Chute", and the English word has the connection with the Sanskrit word "chut", 'to impel", "to glide", but some vulgar minded always make words more popular because of the correct but negative meanings based on our cultural trainings.

The word took me some months of off and on thinking, but then the rest came very easily.