Monday, February 2, 2009

Ignominious, Propinquity - iNg-naaman-iiyas, pra-paaN-kit-ya

Ignominious - iNg-naaman-iiyas

I got this while watching the movie "Jodha Bai Akbar", and explained the scene when the "Sadar Maulvi" (the old beared man who is the religious counselller), is discharged from the court duties and told to proceed to Mecca and Madina and retire. That discharge I told kids was an "ignominious discharge" to the old man!

iNg - To mark or make an impression. One adds "a" to make a noun, and with English assuming consonants with built in "a', it is same as "ink". See my previous posting.

naaman - General root for the word "name"

iiyas - comparative suffix like English "er" (and the other is "tar"),

So it means, "someone whose name has been marked with lesser impression of ink", or "who name (and face) has been marked black".

Propinquity - pra-paaN-kit-ya


pra - far across

paaN - obtaining. The root is "paa" to obtain, and to make it Singular Active Present Participle, it becomes "paan" but is being preceeded by big "aa", so it becomes "paaN", where "N" is a Cereberal Nasal.

kit - suffix for making adjective, or "one" having the preceeding word as "ness", and the word also means "that (the one)".

ya - suffix for adjective. It is common to use compond prefix and suffixes to modify the meaning, barring the Declension Suffixes for Adjective, Noun and Pronoun, and Conjugation Suffixes for Verb.

"One that was far away has become obtainable", as an attribute.

So if someone obtains that kind of object, it should be "praa-pra-paaN-kit-ya", assuming English "y" not having "a" sound.