Wednesday, February 11, 2009

George, Georgia, Caspian - gaargi, gagia, gaargia, kshyap

Vedic literatures talks about two Preceptors who stocked the Genealogy Tree of some families. One was Rishi Gargi and another was Rishi Kshyap.

It just shows that the Indians, the Indo Europeans, and the neo Colonist forgot about their connection with the lands of their ancestors left behind. Even in one generation, I see this happening among brothers children, and between countries like India and Pakistan, North and South Korea, East and West Germany, and so on.

Caspian Sea and Georgia have close connection with the Indo European Aryans.

Despite a Father passing his genes, and still all sub branches of future generations never look the same. Then with advent of time, space, climate changes, environmental, social-economic and political climate, what happens is that people looks change.

Have you wondered why you can always spot Russian Men and Eastern European Women so easily? Those who grew up in the Cold War era, would remember Germans from East Germany Country looked different than their Western Germany counter part, because of the malnutrition and stress of living in an Eastern Block Communist controlled Soviet Union, which was a failed experiment in Communism.

For the same reasons, you may see Indians not looking typical Blue Eyed Aryans (but you will stil see likes of them among South and North Indians, including Kashmiris, and people such as Aishwarya Rai - a beauty I call divine and worth keeping next to the Gods in a Temple, as who else could have crafted such a divine face), but they are as much Aryans as Germans claimed to be. It is the myopia of the uneducated, unaware and non spiritualists, who are aught in the daily grind of the divisions and survival, perhaps for domination for some false and ego nonsensical reasons.