Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cervantes, Romero - SrAv-van-tii, Raamraaya

SrAv-van-tii - 'Sru", with Cerberal "S' means "to listen", and adding "a', to makes it "Srav", and to make it Active Past Participle, it becomes "vantii", for Feminine. So the word means "lady who listened". Looks like this is a Spanish name but I could be wrong.

Raamraaya - "Raam - raaya", "Ram" is the word to "relish in the Oneself, to be Eternally Happy', so it becomes the Epithet for the very ancient Hindu God, dating which confounds modern history, about 28000 or 280,000 years, and one should see the posting on Sacred Archealogy, and "rai" means one who is wealthy, but when adding "a' it becomes "Raai-a" or "raaya"

Nothing is my creation, I just get this from the Total Mind. One day, I may share some weird things with you, which will confund Science but I have the Science for you.