Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Devil, Santana, Abrahm - Dev-il, Sanaatan, Brahman

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The "iscism" is in Human Nature, but the Spiritual Dwellers still see Unity Among Diversity.

In some previous postings, I have talked about Surya-Asurya, and Brahman-Abrahman Splits of the past eons.

Vedic people called their religion Sanaatan Dharma, and it means Eternal and Ancient Relgion.

Deva(ah) or Deva(s) were their Gods, the Divine Beings, and the adjective for someone with the Divine attributes would be called "dev-il", if one assumes "v" having built in "a" sound, like English and Hindi, but not Sanskrit. The sound "a" is the most ambigious sound.

The people who got split away, would then call the opposite side people, worshipping "Sanaatan" Religion, as "Dev-il".

In the process of ignorance, and the slipping of time and the divisions of spaces, the word would become "Sataan", and "Devil", with opposite and negative meanings.

Remember my "gain" is someones 'loss" guidelines. This is still confirmed when for Persians, "Suryas" meants "Demons", and "Asuryas" meant "Divines".

Only a trained Musician and a trained Singer, knows the Science of Sounds, and in the ancient days, the scholars of languages like Sanskrit and Ancient Greek knew the correct way of pronouncing (pitching, notes, sequence, timing and beats). See how many of us can match a song (barring the voice) and find mistakes in other people's singing.