Thursday, July 31, 2008

sommelier - Soma-Mela + ir



noun: A wine steward in a restaurant.

From French sommelier, from somm(er)ier (one charged with transporting supplies), from somier (beast of burden), from somme (burden). From driving a pack animal to drafting wine lists, a sommelier has come a long way. A sommelier is to wine as a cicerone is to beer, though the latter has recently been introduced and is not widespread.

Sanskritized Word - Soma-Mela-Ri - Soma - Mela - ir - Soma-Melayr.

Soma - Soma - Wine, Moon (you drink the nectar of shower of Moon's light in the full moon of a romantic tango between you and your lover), famous 'soma' juice mentioned in Vedas.

Mela - The root is "Mil", to meet, and "Mela" becomes the "place to meet", or the "action noun" where the Action Noun takes place. The Agent Noun will be adding Cerebral sound "R", and it becomes as root for Agent Noun, "MelR", and some rules allow "R" to become "ir".

So the word means "One who mixes wine!".

Weird coincidence is that the Chairman of India's BlueFisher is Vijay Mallya and he is into the same business! The last name Mallya is of Konkanasth Brahmins from Kerla.

Another starange connection is "Malaviya" surname of Brahmins from North India, like that of Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya .