Thursday, July 24, 2008

parapraxis - pra + aKShi + ah (S), Proxy - Pra + aaKSh + ya

parapraxis - Freudian slip in speech or writing, revealing subconscious or unconscious intent.

para - pra + aKShi + ah (S)

para - beyond this "side" or "realm"

pra - self forth

aKShi - revealing, here "x" is indicative of "KS" sound of KShatri, and no other language I know has this compound 'Sibliant' sound to my knowledge, and where ever "x" sound comes across in English think of the "KS" sound.

ah - S, which is unspoken hard Visarga sound, and for Guttural and Labial, besides Cerebral, preceding letters, it becomes Cerebral Sibilant sound.

Like in the word "Proxy", it is "Pra + aaKSh + ya", which means "self forth + seen + that is", which is what "Proxy" means, but "a" sound has become "o" here in the corruption.

This is one proof the the Greek sound "X" is a borrowed sound from Sanskrit "KS" and it is seen in all warrior surnames, like "Cossacks", "Kassites", etc.