Saturday, July 5, 2008

Caren, Karen - Kiran, KaraN, CharaN, Sharan

This shows how the richness of sounds is lost in transliteration of an ancient language to modern a language. Soon we will loose this knowledge, and the window to peek into the world of the ancients.

KiraN in Sanskrit and Hindi means "Ray of Light"

KaraN means Sun or Gold.

CharaN means feet, slave, servant.

SharaN means shelter.

"K" and "C" are interchangable, and "i" and "e" is also like wise. For many people the sounds of "a" and "e" sound the same. "Sh" becomes "Ch", which becomes "C" and then "K.

If these two names are just a co-incidence, then we should hear some animal make a sound like one them! For the same reasons, common vowels, like "a", "e", "i", "o" and "u" sound variations are found in most languages, if not all. And if they are just a random co-incidence, then we must observe animal kingdone making these sounds. They do communicate among themselves and it is just that their do it in their own vocal way - just the way we do. And yes, they count as well, but not the way we think counting should be done! How else a mother in all kingdom shows the same emoting actions on all its cubs, chicks, or babies, and if one is missing, immediately knows what has gone on!