Friday, July 25, 2008

Radovan - Rudra-Vaan, Rudh-Vaan, Rud-Vaan

Now a days Radovan Karadzic is in the news.

The hint comes from the ending "van", which "vaan", which is Active Past Participle Suffix.

Rudra - to cry, to weep, to howl ( as verb and praise worthy as noun, which we can rule out).

Ruda - same as Rudra

Rudh - to sprout, to shoot, to grow, to avert, to besiege, to asunder, to tear, to torment, to opress.

Ruh - to ascend, to climb, to ascend, etc.

So someone who did make others cry, opress, or who climbed, averted, besieged, etc. Basically a warrior class attribute.

Karadzic - Kara means doer like Bhas-kar. Not sure how "dzic" comes but it could be "daZik", which means "ten times", or "Ten Times Doer", a honoring epithet. Or "DaaZik" which means "Slave-ic", which means someone who "make slaves". Someone should research his family history and see if the meanings come close.