Friday, July 25, 2008


Oxymoron - Contradictory words combined to make words that mean nothing.

Oxymoron - AKSya + maRaN

aKSya - that can not be destroyed, Space, which is Eternal. 'aKS' means 'Eyes' (in fact the corruption is "axs" -> "ayes" -> "eyes". That what is to be seen with "akS" is Space, or the Eternal, a Potential Participle. "aKS" as verb means, to pervade, to penetrate, to reach, to embrace, to pass through.

MaRaN - Root is 'mR' which is to "die", and the next grade sound is "maR" and "aN" is to make it into Active Present Participle. That which dies.

So 'AKSya + maRaN' means "that is Eternal and yet Dies" - which is nothing but a "Oxymoron".