Friday, August 15, 2008

Shaman, Semi, Same - Samant, Sama, Sama, Soma

English Words

Shaman - Native Americans, Indians, Australian Abrogines, Africans, Easter Island, had this priest class. They have connection with the "world beyond" or beyond the 3 + 1 Dimensions of Space and Time.

Sami - Half

Same - Same

Sanskrit Words

Samanta - neighboring, abutting, being on all sides, bordering, limiting, contiguous all, entire, whole, universal, being on every side, adjacent, neighbor, adjacent owner. The root is "Sa" which is for "is" or "are", and "Sa-Mant" makes it a strong generic for someone who makes it happen. So the one in "neighbor, abutting, universal, whole, adjacent" space makes it happen. The word is also used in Rik Vedas for one type of Priests.

SemA - Same as "Semi" - 6 months mentioned in Arth Veda.

Sama - same, equal.

Soma - "Hallucination" Plant Juice so called used in the Vedic Ages, and also used by Shamans.