Saturday, August 30, 2008

Adiabatic - Adiya-bha-at-ic

Adiabatic means where no energy can pass or transfer.

Da - means to give (we can also say "d" as "a" in English and Hindi is built in sound but in Sanskrit iy is a seperate sound from consonants).

D-i-ya - some that can be given

A-D-i-ya - some thing that can not be given

Bha - To Radiate, To Shine, To Pass, To Appear

Bha-at - Something that has Appeared, Radiated, Shone, Passed.

Bha-at-ic - Adjective - like "ness".

a-da-i-ya-bha-at-ic - some thing has the propery of not passing, radiating, shining, or appearing (from no where).

So to show up, one needs to have a transfer of radiation, passing of energy, and to shine, one needs to radiate as well as pass the energy.