Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dexterous - dakSat-ar-us


Dexterous - Able, Competent




dakS - The English "x" is an approximation sound for Sanskrit Compound Sibilant, "kS", where "S" is a Cerebral or Palatal Sibilant. It means "to act to satisfaction" or "to act quickly" (which one can do when one is competent).

To make it a Present Active Participle, it becomes "dskSat", which is a Action Noun. Agent Noun is "dakSatR". And the Genetive (Possesice case), and Ablative Case (from, to) becomes "dakSatra-uh" or "dakSatra-us". So a "competent man"'s work would be called "dakStra-us", which is a "competent" or "able work".