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Millikan, Marcaan, Maarkan - Mallika, Mallik, Mallikan, Markandh

Millikan is a surname, and may refer to:

* Bud Millikan, Maryland Terrapins head basketball coach 1950-1967
* Robert Andrews Millikan, Nobel prize winning physicist
* Ruth Millikan, American philosopher of biology, psychology, and language

Also see:
* Millican
* Milliken
* Milligan
* Milliken

Milliken is a surname, and may refer to:

In places:

* Milliken, Colorado, a town in the United States
* Milliken, Ontario, a neighbourhood of Toronto, Canada
o Milliken GO Station, a station in the GO Transit network located in the community

People with the surname Milliken:

* Milliken (surname)


* Milliken & Co., reputedly the world's largest private textile firm
* Milliken v. Bradley, a US Supreme Court decision on desegregation

Some Marcaans

Agnes Morell
Agnes A. Morell, 81, of Ubly died Saturday, March 17, 2001 at the Huron County Medical Care Facility. She was born Jan. 21, 1920 in Bad Axe to the late Casimer and Marcaan (Briolat) Dudek

The above is a release from a Heron Newspaper.

The Duchy of Maarkan

The Maarkans are a once wealthy family whom has since lost nearly all of its fortune, only maintaining enough for the upkeep of its mansions and lands. Its loss of its fortune is history now, but is still the cause of much contention. The Maarkan's once held many fertile pasturelands, and made a hefty profit from wool and cattle. With Castellian Keep came soldiers though, and quickly they found that their lands were ruined. This is the source of their dislike of the Lylles, as Castellian Keep, is a Luaryll keep, not an enamorian, it is also the reason for the house's current state. As a result, the younger members of the family are often found all about the empire, seeking their fortune, so that they may help in the restoration of the house, be it as adventurer's or merchants. this has sustained their coffers, and their pride over the patterns. Also of note is a dislike of house Cheris, in every attemp Maarkan has made to utilize the forests that edge its land, the cheris house has used its contacts in the church to prevent it.

Indian and Pakistan ones.

Pind Malikan (now Mahfuzabad)

Maarkan'd'eiya SharmaTelgu - Religious Scholar

Mr. Makarand Waiker - my Hall-mate and Senior from IIT. Other Makarands