Friday, May 1, 2009

Raumfüllende Kurven

Germans always felt very akin to India and felt their "Aryan" homeland to be close to India.

Raum - Raam, the epithet for Self Delight, and the Indian God of Perfection.

Full - phal - fruit

en - Instrument Ending

De - to give

Kurven - By doing

So something that gives the fruit of delight by some means of doing.

This just shows German populated Germany at the stage where they left off the Parent Stock when except for Language nothing much was developed in Civilization wise when Humanbeings were still in Forest Dwelling and perhaps settling into Farming but not liked by some people, as living by and on forest was an easy going task and farming was tough.

There is some evidence of Germans following the Tamsic or dark form of Shaivism, which is the cult of Sex, Drinks, Merry Making and Meat eating form of Shaivism when Men was in Forest.

We have evidence of Shiva in Europe and search the blog to get the postings.